Vote Spencer Tracy for Frame Lake

When asked why I want to run for MLA and more specifically what do I have to offer, I think of my six years employed with the Native Women’s Association of the NWT. It was here that I learned first-hand how a lack of investment in housing, mental health, childcare, food security, addictions, and intimate partner violence, has very real consequences. That behind every statistic is a person.

I am excited about ideas that will lift all residents of the NWT. Now is the time to focus government spending on reducing our cost of living, building affordable housing, and improving services and supports for those in the grips of addiction and mental illness. I am passionate about political projects that will better serve all residents of Yellowknife and the NWT.

Spencer moved to Yellowknife in 2007 and lives in the riding of Frame Lake with his wife and three children. He holds three university degrees and has worked as an environmental scientist, teacher, carpenter, project manager, and small business owner. He is energized by community-based initiatives that make Yellowknife a great place to live, whether maintaining an outdoor rink at Rat Lake, volunteering with youth, helping with community gardens, or managing the Habitat for Humanity Restore next to the landfill.  

Please reach out.
Phone/Text: 867-686-9075
Facebook: Spencer Tracy

If you prefer to chat in person, text or call to arrange a time to meet.

I will be at Javaroma Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Come by for a coffee!

Thank you for your interest in my campaign. I appreciate the feedback.

Together we can make a difference